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Top Ten Branding Mistakes – Series #2 of 10 – Mistake #2: "Assuming creating a cool logo is enough"

Top Ten Branding Mistakes

 – Series #2 of 10 –

Mistake #2
"Assuming creating a cool logo is enough"
Everything your customer sees tells a story.
Branding touches everything you say, do, and ... not do.

Good Morning,

First of all, I need to apologize to you. Many of the recipients of my last email might have received an email starting with the greeting: "Hi there at, <company name>”. My intention was to fill in your company name but I mixed up the fields, so some only received “Hi there at,”. Such a greeting is certainly not only a turn-off but also bad branding. So, this is the unplanned branding mistake #1 and 1/2: make sure you build a complete lead and customer list, test every branding touch-point you create and make sure it looks and feels right. Again, I am sorry for my mistake. Now, I am working on our database that has over 1,000 customer records to complete the contact information. Until this is completed this email will have to be without a personal greeting even though we have about 90% of our records completed.

So, what is branding mistake #2? When you think of a great brand you might initially visualize its company logo. Think of logos like the Nike or the Coca-Cola. But, think again. The logo is really just the first thing that comes to mind. What comes next might surprise you.

There are maybe thousands of touchpoints between your brand and your audience. If you want to manage your brand, you need to manage and define as many touchpoints as possible. It might be unrealistic to control all touchpoints but one is clear: the more touchpoints you control the more successful your brand can be. Here is a graphic that illustrates the variety of touchpoints you are dealing with.
Most of our clients start with a logo and a website. Creating these touchpoints is certainly an important step. However, you can't stop there. It becomes obvious that touchpoints like the logo and the website really are only two representations of your brand. The actual emotions that people have about your brand come from so many other touchpoints. Branding is a constant effort that requires consistency and diligence in everything you do for as long as your company or organization exists.

Now, having the right tools will help you in your branding efforts. What are you using now to capture your business ideas and information on a daily basis?

We have developed – what we believe – is an invaluable solution. We offer BrandBuilderBox™ template and an Audit Account – both are free and cloud-based allowing you to capture your thoughts about your brand on the go. You are welcome to create your account and start exploring the world of branding. If you get stuck or need assistance with some of the tasks, we are here to help. Our brand workshops and brand audits are powerful sessions that can push your team over the hump.
Explore Brand Builder Box™
You can also just come to our free brand workshop open to the public every Thursday at noon at our office location on 1450 NW Finn Hill Road, Poulsbo, WA 98370. We will review your brand and introduce you to our brand development system. 
Free Brand Development Workshop
Every Thursday
 at noon at our office location at
1450 NW Finn Hill Road, Poulsbo, WA 98370.
My team and I look forward to continue working with you and to help you increase your market share by clear and consistent branding.


Ingemar Anderson
President Reprospace, LLC


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