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Top Ten Branding Mistakes – Series #1 of 10 – Mistake #1: "Starting Marketing Without Clear Branding"

Top Ten Branding Mistakes
– Series #1 of 10 –

Mistake #1:
"Starting Marketing Without Clear Branding"

Can you market your products or services without having a brand name?
No, you can't. 

During 36 years in business, Kitsap Printing has seen the best and the worst in corporate branding when printing our customer's marketing material. This experience has led us to the decision to share our knowledge, so we are introducing Kitsap Inspire™ and Brand Builder Box™ under our umbrella company Reprospace, LLC in Poulsbo. My name is Ingemar Anderson and I am working with my assistant Cheryl Wasser and my team to develop new services that our customers have been asking us about. We are now offering branding workshops that use a new and unique cloud-based tool that captures and evaluates everything about your brand. So, we thought we would start a series of emails to share our experience and tips with you, which can help you with your branding efforts to increase your customer base.

Branding is so much more than just a logo and a website. For example, branding also covers your company slogan, how you answer your company phone, and how you present your elevator pitch. As a matter of fact, there are literally thousands of touch-points between your brand and your existing and potential customers. We help you identify, design and produce touch-points that are consistent, create awareness and that matter to you and your business.

When you have a strong brand your customer base will increase – statistically by 73%* –, and you will be able to discuss, with ease, who your target audience is or what your business or organization does, why you are in business, what your brand really promises, and so much more.

Having the right tools will help you create a powerful brand. What are you using today to capture your ideas and business information on a daily basis? How are your marketing efforts working for you today?

We offer BrandBuilderBox™ template and a Brand Audit Account – both are free and cloud-based allowing you to capture your thoughts about your brand on the go.
Discover Brand Builder Box™
Or you can schedule a free 30-min appointment with us to review your branding needs and to see how we might be able to help you increase your brand awareness and gain more customers.
Schedule a Free Appointment
You can also just come to our free brand workshop open to the public every Thursday at noon at our office location on 1450 NW Finn Hill Road, Poulsbo, WA 98370. We will review your brand and introduce you to our brand development system. 
Free Brand Development Workshop
Every Thursday
 at noon at our office location at
1450 NW Finn Hill Road, Poulsbo, WA 98370.
My team and I look forward to continue working with you and to help you increase your market share by clear and consistent branding.


Ingemar Anderson
President Reprospace, LLC


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